Picnics To Go

Picnic or Family Gathering? Make it simple with Smokey Bear BBQ’s “Picnics To Go”!


Pulled Pork
Slow Hickory Smoked Pork and Hand Pulled


Beef Brisket
Sliced or chopped tender and juicy


BBQ Chicken
Smoked 1/2 chicken with our signature dry rub


Smoked Sausage
Texas beef sausage


Meaty Ribs
ST. Louis Cut



Baked Beans
Made with our brisket and smoked
(Serves approx. 60 people)

$50 Full Pan

Baked Potato
Oiled, salted, and smoked

$0.80 each

Cole Slaw
Famous slaw with crazy cranberries
(Serves approx. 40 people)

$40 Full Pan

Kernel Corn
Buttered & salted
(Serves approx. 50 people)

$40 Full Pan

Macaroni & Cheese
Creamy & satisfying
(Serves approx. 40 people)

$60 Full Pan